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LUYOR-3180 High-intensity UV Flashlight

LUYOR-3180 Series Flashlight is a compact ultraviolet leak detection lamp that is powered by a lithium battery. The LED lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours. LUYOR-3180 LED generates strong concentrated ultraviolet light. At a distance of 38 cm (15 inches), its intensity is approximately 40,000 μW/cm2.

LUYOR-3180 High-intensity UV Flashlight


LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight

LUYOR-3180 High-intensity UV Flashlight (also known as LED UV Flashlight or Black Light Flashlight) is a compact, lightweight, and rugged flashlight powered by a lithium battery. Its high-performance LEDs have a long lifespan up to 50,000 hours. LUYOR-3180 produces uniform and intense UV light with an intensity of 40,000 μW/cm2 at 38cm.

LUYOR-3180 can be widely used in fluorescent leak detection, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, hygiene inspection in hotels or pharmaceutical plants, detecting impurities and defects in oxygen degreasing procedure, crime-scene investigations (analysis of blood and bodily fluids) and documentation verification.

LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight Product Features

Instant-on operation

High intensity: 40,000 μW/cm2 at 38cm

Able to work in magnetic fields

Energy saving

Long lifespan up to 50,000 hours

Power button at the tail, avoid accidental startup

Pure UVA putput, no harmful UVB or UVC

IP65 rating: dust-proof and water resistant

Figure 1: LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight with a transparent filter

LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight

LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight Technical Data

ModelWavelengthFilterUV IntensityVisible Light Measurement
LUYOR-3180360-370nm UVTransparent filter40,000uw/cm2 at 38cm< 20lux at 38cm
LUYOR-3180B360-370nm UVBlack filter30,000uw/cm2 at 38cm< 10lux at 38cm
LUYOR-3180W400-760nm white light///


One 2200 mAh lithium battery,3.7V

Working time: 3 hours

Charging time: 8 hours


Length: 15.9cm

Net weight (without battery): 166g

Net wegith (with battery): 211g

What's Included in the LUYOR-3180 Set

  1. LUYOR-3180 Flashlight

  2. Two batteries

  3. One 100-240V AC charger

  4. One 12V car charger

  5. A pair of LUV-10 UV protection glasses

  6. Instruction manual

  7. Certificate

  8. Warranty card

Figure 2: LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight with a transparent filter

LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight

LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight Applications

Fluorescent detection: fluorescent leak detection and fluorescent magnetic particle detection.

Fingerprint detection: detecting fingerprints in the court laboratory.

Degreasing cleaning: detect oil stains by illuminating them using ultraviolet light.

Cleaning verification: Check the cleanliness of pharmaceutical equipment through riboflavin.

Hygienic examination: Human fluids and other tissue biological pollutants are the sources of bacterial reproduction and odor. Ultraviolet lamps are good tools for hygiene examinations.

Arson investigation: UV lamps can be used to inspect the scene of a suspected fire. Droplets of chemical combustibles on walls, furniture, and carpets can be detected under ultraviolet light irradiation.

Document inspection: identify documents such as driver's license, passport, and credit card.

Investigation of sexual crimes, child/marital abuse: ultraviolet light can make sexual fluids glow and discolored bruises reappear.

Car theft detection: Revealing fluorescent evidence on 3M vehicle identification illegally removed from car components.

Car accident analysis: Determine car speed by displaying the fluorescent traces of the odometer pointer moving away from it after a collision.

Figure 3: LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight with a transparent filter

LUYOR-3180 High Intensity UV Flashlight with a transparent filter

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