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Fluorescent Protein Light Sources

Life Science Division is committed to research and development of fluorescence observation equipment. Its product series include LUYOR-3415RG dual fluorescent protein observation lamp, LUYOR-3430, LUYOR-3260 single fluorescent protein observation flashlight. Fluorescence is a powerful and widely used tool in the research of various cell biology, neurology and other fields. LUYOR's LUYOR-3415RG, LUYOR-3430, and LUYOR-3260 are used to detect and screen plants, animals, and microorganisms that transform green fluorescent protein (GFP) and red fluorescent protein (DsRed) genes, such as rice, corn, zebrafish, and mice , Bacteria, fungi, etc., can also be used for sample pre-screening, auxiliary dissection, coral research, etc.

Expression of GFP in coloniesExpression of GFP in zebrafish
Expression of GFP in rapeExpression of dsred on Arabidopsis seedlings