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Fluorescent Protein Excitation Light Sources

LUYOR Life Science Division is committed to the research and development of fluorescence observation equipment. Our product series include LUYOR-3415RG Dual Fluorescent Protein Excitation Lamp, LUYOR-3421 Microscope Adapter, LUYOR-3280 Fluorescent Protein Flashlight, and so on. Fluorescence is a powerful and widely used tool in the research of various cell biology, neurology, and other fields. LUYOR-3415RG, LUYOR-3421, and LUYOR-3280 are used to detect and screen plants, animals, and microorganisms that transform green fluorescent protein (GFP) and red fluorescent protein (DsRed) genes, such as rice, corn, zebrafish, mice, bacteria, fungi, etc. Our light sources can also be used in sample pre-screening, auxiliary dissection, and coral research, etc.

Expression of GFP in bacteria colonyExpression of GFP in zebrafish
Expression of GFP in rapeExpression of DsRed in Arabidopsis seedlings