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UV-A LED Lamps

UV lamps are powerful and versatile detection tools which are widely used in many industries. In scientific experiments, UV lamps are used to detect many major substances such as proteins and nucleotides. In drug production and research, UV lamps can be used to check the quality of various fluorescent drugs such as hormones, alkaloids, vitamins, etc. In the chemical industries such as dye coatings, rubber, and petroleum, UV lamps are used to determine various fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicators, and additives, and to identify different types of crude oil and rubber products. In textile chemical fibers, UV lamps can be used to measure different types of raw materials such as wool, silk artificial fibers, and cotton synthetic fibers, and to check the quality of finished products. UV lamps can be used in the oil, vegetable, and food fields to check the quality of toxins, food additives such as aflatoxin, spoiled vegetables, fruits, cocoa bean fat, chocolate, fat, honey, sugar, etc.